Cyctonium as the first biggest cryptocurrency .

As an online shop/markets cryptocurrency , cyctonium is to be accepted as a payment method on about four to five online markets ranking from motors and machines, property and housing, home use products, devices and electronics, services , foods and more

Users worldwide will be in position to spend there cyctonium on more than three big online shops without restrictions and under cyctonium protection.

As an advertising currency, cyctonium is to be used on one of the biggest video sharing platforms as a payment method and an advertising currency. With over 1B usability demand, cyctonium value will be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Cyctonium usability seeming extra ordinary, we are to be used as an advertising currency on one of the best social media platforms. Over thousands will be on demand for cyctonium to run businesses.

Cyctonium as the first user based cryptocurrency, we are to own more three television stations where cyctonium will be a payment method and as well an advertising currency.

Our television channels will be on various satellites including DSTV and more.

We are looking forward to have command centers in Asia(India), Africa and others in Europe. However locations and setups may differ accordingly. We are the very first to own broadcasting networks in the entire cryptomarkets and its happening with us

Cyctonium is also to be a payment currency and as an advertising currency on more than 20 radio stations globally in which we expect more than millions and millions of listeners. This had never happened before but its happening.

We stand for ” usability, utility, liquidity and security “